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Personalized Album Embossing

We offer personalized album embossing to make your memory keeping complete.  We use a heat and pressure process to apply metallic foil to your album to create a beautiful and long lasting emboss.  Please select your album from our Products page and add it to your cart in addition to submitting the form below.
Please note we offer this service for $10/ line for albums purchased at Legacy Paper Arts and guarantee these albums.  
We welcome the opportunity to quote you on albums that have not been purchased at Legacy, but our guarantee can only be offered on the the cost of the embossing as the album cannot be replaced by us.  Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page. 
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Legay Paper Arts Album Embossing Information

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Embossing Disclaimer:
Your satisfaction is very important to us. While uncommon, should there be an error on the part of Legacy Paper Arts, we will replace the item or issue a complete refund if the item was purchased at . If the exact item is no longer available, we will purchase a similar item at a similar value and complete the imprint order. You will be contacted before any action occurs and offered a choice of the replacement or refund.

*If you are submitting an item that is not purchased at Legacy, discontinued, or irreplaceable, no replacement will be made. However a full refund of your embossing will be given. If you are submitting an item that is irreplaceable, errors are possible, and you should consider another method of personalization.

Imprinting is performed by hand. Slight imperfections may occur for a variety of reasons: the material of the album, the irregularities of the type set blocks, and the imprint foils being used. Slight imperfections in the finish due to fabric weave and material are normal and not considered defects.

Legacy Paper Arts will not be responsible for any items submitted in addition to those areas requested for imprinting (i.e. scrapbook pages or other parts of the album).