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About us

Legacy Paper Arts retail store is scrapbooker's, cardmaker's, paper crafter's paradise!  We are located in Powell, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. We have been in business since 2011.  We specialize in custom products like diecuts, papers, stamps and more.   We carry a vast selection of local high school items.  See our School and Sports page to see our offerings for school scrapbook albums, senior poster boards and our great graduation ideas!  Our friendly associates are available to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Legacy Creative Studio is our new classroom/workshop studio we acquired in 2016 directly behind our store-front.  Legacy Creative Studio was created with our customer's needs in mind.  This new space is our classroom, studio, and event space.  We are currently holding our classes, CROPS, and workshops in this new space.  See our class listings to see our current offerings.  Stop by to check out our new space! 

A letter from Joyce, the owner of Legacy Paper Arts, on her passion for memory-keeping: 

"Recently I had the opportunity to meet my college roommates for an afternoon mini-reunion at our alma mater. Before heading out the door, I made a last minute grab for a box of photos in my den labeled 'college photos.' I had not looked in this box for nearly 20 years! At lunch we caught up on all the news of our lives, and soon we started to reminisce. I pulled out the box of photos and they couldn’t believe I had kept them all this time. 'Are you kidding, of course I kept them' I said, 'These are priceless!!'
I am sharing this because I realize the importance preserving pictures over the course of time. I regularly hear the comment 'I don’t know why I bother making a scrapbook for my child. He probably won’t even look at it.' Just know that years from now it will become priceless!
Computers, social media sites, SD cards, discs, flash drives will come and go. All of these devices, just like cassette tapes, slide projectors, faxing, or flip-phones may be a distance memory 20-30 years from now.
Printed pictures will be around for generations if preserved correctly.  So I encourage you to print the best of all those photos currently on your smart phone, digital camera, or computer. Then organize them, and store them safely. These are the treasures, the memory joggers, and the story starters that should be preserved.
When you have the time, put them in a scrapbook. When you get them in a scrapbook, don’t just stack it on a shelf. Display the album on the coffee table so your family and friends can enjoy the memories, and relive the special, priceless memories.